Old Time

Blue Ridge Mountain Music
Celebrating more than 200 years of music making tradition from Madison County, North Carolina comes an unbroken line of notable music makers who have played, perfected and preserved their musical heritage. Roger Howell's arrangements honor this music with great skill and affection.
Pickin' in the Blue Ridge
Close Kin
Our Roots Run Deep features the blending of the bluegrass, old-time and American styles of music in one album.
Songcatcher II
The Tradition That Inspired the Movie
A celebration of mountain music and acoustic balladry of the Appalachians. Features an all-female collection.
Blue Ridge Mountain Music
Authentic old-time music of southern Appalachia as well as country/folk music from the era before television. Railroad music and folklore music is an area of major focus for the studio and for producer Bill Morris, who learned old-time and early country music from family gatherings in Western North Carolina. Inspired by old train songs, old ballads and cowboy songs.
Songs from the Mountain
Tim O’Brien, Dirk Powell, John Hermann
Daddy What’s a Train
Bill and Kristin Morris
Ready for the Times
Bryan Sutton, David Holt & T. Michael Coleman
David Holt and Doc Watson
Grandfather’s Greatest Hits
David Holt
A Mother’s Prayer
Ralph Stanley
Man of Constant Sorrow
Ralph Stanley
Doc and Merle Watson
Classic Bluegrass
This collection serves as an outstanding introduction to the wealth of great bluegrass Smithsonian Folkways has to offer.
Foggy Mountain Special
A Bluegrass Tribute To Earl Scruggs
Close Kin
A Reunion of Bluegrass & Old Time Music
Bluegrass Mountain Style
Since its birth in the late 1940s, bluegrass music has blossomed into one of America's most distinct art forms. For over thirty years, Rounder Records has documented bluegrass in all of its rich and varied forms.
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Foggy Mountain Special

A Bluegrass Tribute To Earl Scruggs