Mostly Ghostly
Storytelling - David Holt
Hairyman Meets Tailybone
Storytelling - David Holt
Play the Jaw Harp Now - David Holt
The Jaw Harp is also called a Jew’s Harp, Trump and a Juice Harp. This step-by-step mini-course takes you from beginning to advanced levels. You’ll learn songs and melodies, how to make cartoon sounds, talk through it to your friends and play catchy, rhythmic tunes. You’ll also hear wonderful music performed by the world’s best jaw harp players including Mike Seeger, Fred Whitlow and John McCutcheon. Play along with them to perfect your chops! Included with this CD is a free Jubilee ja
I Got a Bullfrog - Folksongs
David Holt brings the good old times to life with these great American folksongs. He has performed for hundreds of thousands of kids across America and these are the songs they like the best. Here are the favorite songs they all love to sing.
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